The David Gresham Entertainment Group is proud to release the new single by Kimosabe titled Potential

“Growing up, everybody thought (some hoped) that music was just a phase in my life and that eventually it would pass. Obviously they were wrong. When writing Potential, initially I was going for a song about a former partner reaching out to me now that I’ve made some considerable strides in the industry, but then I realized that this song was not limited to a romantic context. This song is for everybody who thought that my dream was too farfetched.

When you’re out there doing your thing, remember that there are folks who will try to take advantage of you -or wish for your downfall – so stay woke.” – Kimosabe

Listen to Potential Here:
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Kimosabe is no stranger to the South African music industry. He has featured on the following hits:

1. DJ Clock – Wolves ft. PromKnights
2. PromKnights – Hopeless
3. DJ Shimza – Tidal Wave ft. Kimosabe
4. DJ Fortee – Say it isn’t So
5. Mac G – Amnesia ft. Kimosabe
6. Royal K – Vices ft. Kimosabe
7. DJ Dimplez – Bet it All ft. Kimosabe & Maggz
8. SNAPBVCK – Otherside ft. Kimosabe
9. Chrizz Beatz – Girls Like You ft. Kimosabe & Buffalo Soulja
10. DJ Radix – 25 to Life ft. Kimosabe & JR
11. Kimosabe – More Than You
12. Kimosabe – 450 SL



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