When it comes to dating, you should play your cards well and make sure you have everything set out properly.

When you decide to enter the dating game, just make sure you have the correct marking scheme or a platform in which, you get to measure what you want.

Dating is like an exam and if your marking scheme is wrong, you will mark some questions wrong when they are supposed to be right or mark some right when they are outrightly wrong.

As such, If you a lady looking for love, you should carefully choose the type of guy to date. There are some breeds of men you should avoid dating at all times.

However good or nice looking they may be, you best stay away from them at all costs. They include:

1. The workaholics

There is a breed of men who are very much into their work that nothing else matters. To date them successfully, you will have to have a heart of stone and immense patience as a very good attitude.

This is a person who will shout on the phone when you call just because you did it when he was on the job. On the other hand, you will text them in the middle of the day and they will call back fuming and frothing while also accusing you of interfering with their work.

The love won’t really ever exist. Even if it does, you will possibly never feel it.

2. Your friend’s ex

Another one you must stay away from is your friend’s ex. It could be true that you may have been friends during the interactions at the time they were dating but that transformation into love is catastrophic, just don’t try it.

He will use you to perhaps settle bodily desires because he knows you are of the same feather and he has it at the back of his mind that it will not last.

No Matter how well he pretends, he doesn’t mean it. Avoid him regardless of the circumstances that led to their break up.

3. The guy all your friends and family dislike

If he is not in any way acceptable to anyone close to you, why have him around any longer? You cannot sacrifice your friends’ and family love for someone you are basically just experimenting to see if they fit to be in your life.

If their presence pushes all the others away, walk away from him.

4. The actors

Of all the people and characters you may ever meet, an actor is someone you should never trust to undergo any form of change.

They won’t change. If they are carrying around several personalities within them and you can see it, just let them out of your life.



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