Cape Town’s slain criminal advocate Pete Mihalik, 50, was shot and killed on Tuesday morning whilst dropping off his kids at Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard School, his son (8) was also injured and taken to hospital, whilst the victim’s daughter was unharmed.

A woman residing closer to the school who witnessed the murder says she heard screams from the victim’s daughter calling for an ambulance. The witness states how the hit man had a silver gun which she says it looked more like a toy gun, he then shot the advocate once through the window of the car before walking away from the scene hiding the gun in something that looked like a briefcase, a gate away car was then used by the man to escape the scene.

News24 reported on Tuesday that Mihalik was deeply involved in the gangster underworld of Cape Town and was believed to have acted as a “facilitator” between business and gangsters.

However, circumstances surrounding Mihalik’s death are still unclear and forensic investigators were busy at the scene on Tuesday morning gathering evidence around Mihalik’s Mercedes-Benz SUV in front of the school.

SOURCE: News24


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