The 23-year-old Rex, who is a former water polo coach and hostel master at Parktown Boys’ High School in Joburg, was found guilty last month of a combined 156 counts of sexual and physical abuse on over a dozen pupils aged between 13 and 16 from 2015 to 2016.
Earlier in the trial, Rex admitted to 144 counts of sexual assault, including rubbing himself up on pupils’ genitals in a crude act known as dry humping.
One parent on Tuesday expressed fears that Rex could receive a suspended sentence with no prison term despite what the father said were Rex’s cruel acts.

Advocate William Robertse, who is Rex’s lawyer, said in an earlier interview, however, that his “prayer and wish” was for no prison time after his client avoided the serious charge of rape.
“The reason why I say that I’m hoping for no jail time is because he (Rex) took the court into his confidence to say: ‘Look, I have done wrong; I admit my mistakes,’” Robertse said.
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