Kwesta and Yolanda celebrate 8 years of marriage. Kwesta and Yolanda would rather prefer people focus on Kwesta’s music rather than their small family, but you can’t just help but adore the lovely family they’ve become. Amazing family and they look cute together.
The South African hip-hop megastar Kwesta recently posted a hearty one-liner of a caption dedicated to his beautiful wife, Yolanda. The lovebirds are celebrating a whole eight years together, and they are more in love than ever.

In the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed the end of quite a number of celebrity relationships. While this might have made some people stop believing in love, Kwesta and his partner Yolanda are restoring our faith.

It is always inspiring when our favourite celebrities actually carve a genuine and strong relationship or marriage, almost showing us that not all is lost in the world of love.

They’re probably one of the most respected couples in hip-hop and after Kwesta dedicated his hit single Ngyazi’fela Ngawe to his wife & daught
er, the public has gained an even greater interest towards them. Surrounded by dozens of friends and family members, the couple performed the An Umbondo ceremony which was held for the couple in Katlehong. After the ceremony, they enjoyed dinner with guests.

Congratulations man…wish you many more awesome years to came and may your love for each other never end until death do you apart…




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