Motorists are set to breathe a lot easier in February.
This comes as the Automobile Association (AA) predicts the fuel price to decrease.
Commenting on unaudited fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund, the AA predicts that motorists can expect petrol to decrease by 12 cents a litre, while diesel is expected to drop by 36 cents a litre.
Speaking to POWER News on Tuesday, AA spokesperson Layton Beard says this follows the decrease seen at the end of December which gave consumers much needed relief following last year’s consecutive increases.
Petrol rose to a whopping R17 a litre towards the end of the year.
“Although the international price of crude oil has picked up since the low of 1 January, the overall price is still lower than December’s average and this is reflected in the prediction we are making.
“This current figure may fluctuate in the second half of January, it might go up or down before end of the month going into February, but for now the outlook is that we are expecting some sort of a decrease going into February,” says Beard.



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