On Saturday morning, residents at an informal settlement in Phase 5, Tsietsi in Katlehong, were woken up by a gruesome discovery of a dead man’s body inside a pit, laying faced down with his legs hanging outside.

Neighbors quickly gathered to the scene were the man was found and called emergency services.

The man was certified dead upon the arrival of emergency services, including Eden Park SAPS, however the cause of the death was unclear at that moment, as there were no major visible injuries spotted on the man, except for a small bleeding from the nostrils, police confirmed.

“We received an alert from the community at approximately 07:20 am, about an unknown man found inside a pit, at an unoccupied stand.”

“At this moment we can’t really say what the cause of his death is, as we didn’t spot any injuries but a small bleeding from the nose, which can even be as a result of the pressure from the way he was laying inside that pit, said Constable Mabokela, from Eden Park SAPS.”

None of the residents who were gathered could identify the dead man and police estimate he could be in his thirties.

Police have opened an inquest docket and are investigating the matter.



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