Lerato Sengadi accepts ancestral calling.
Lerato Sengadi has been trying to find peace with herself since the death of her husband, HHP in 2018.
The influencer shared on Instagram a snap of herself in regalia that’s associated with traditional healing and ukuthwasa, which turned out to mean that she’s accepted ancestral calling in the minds of her fans. Despite, her caption to the post was vague.

However, she sent words to every troll and critics who hit at her on the comment section.
“The sad part is that they are implying that our ancestors (prior institutionalized religion) were living in sin and condemned to hell. Which is the furthest thing from the truth. The similarities between African, indigenous American and pacific beliefs is beyond uncanny! So they can mock and judge all they want. I categorically don’t give a f***! What I do care about is knowing the truth about who I am and who God has destined me to be.”
“It’s unfortunate that we have been programmed that what we as black people believe and practice is wrong. According to who? Western missionaries brought here to dilute who we, as the strongest race known to man, (its) entrenched in our DNA … anyway, to each his own.”




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