BY Charlene Somduth

A Phoenix grandfather accused of slitting his wife’s throat confessed to the killing in the Verulam Magistrate’s Court a short while ago.
Dickson Naidoo, 64, handed himself over to police shortly after the murder on Monday.

Naidoo made his first appearance on Wednesday and told the magistrate that he killed his wife.
He further added that he needed no legal representation and intended on representing himself.
He has been remanded in police custody until April 16.

It is alleged that Naidoo had slit her throat with a large kitchen knife at their rented flat in Eastbury on Monday.
Naidoo’s relatives who sat in the public gallery had tears in their eyes.
The woman’s body was found by KZN VIP security after neighbours raised the alarm bells.
A neighbour, Yvonne Chetty, said she was in shock.
“He used to do everything for her. They really loved each other. I cannot believe what has happened.”



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