The Democratic Alliance (DA) on Wednesday dumped orange overalls similar to those worn by prisoners and handcuffs outside the African National Congress (ANC) headquarters Luthuli House, in a mock preparation for the arrest of the ruling party’s “corrupt” officials.
DA Gauteng premier candidate, Solly Msimanga, who is the former Tshwane mayor, said his party was calling for action to be taken against corrupt ANC members.
“The criminals on your list belong in prison not parliament,” said Msimanga. “We shall not keep silent when our coffers are being looted. Corruption within the ANC has been the order of the day for far too long.”
Msimanga declared that the time has come for the DA to take action against rampant corruption.
“We hope the ANC will make use of these,” said Msimanga pointing at the pile of overalls.
He said the several people on the ANC’s candidate list for the May 8 elections have been implicated in serious crimes. Msimanga said they belong in prison and not parliament.
“The ANC cannot be trusted to turn the country around with the same cast of characters who destroyed it in the first place,” said Msimanga, before he left with his entourage.
By the time ANC officials came out of the building all they saw was a pile of orange overalls with handcuffs attached.
Commenting on the matter, ANC acting national spokesperson, Dakota Legoete, described the DA’s actions as those of desperation.
“We feel sorry for the DA and its leadership, who are clearly desperate, given that their elections campaign of misinformation, obfuscation and
He said the ANC regarded the DA’s stance as “political immaturity” and “extreme provocation”.
Visibly irritated, Legoete added: “We had the capacity to mesmerise them, but we chose not to do it.”
Legoete said the ANC will make a formal application to the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) about the DA’s behaviour.
ANC security personnel collected the overalls and handcuffs from the pavement. It remained unclear as to what they would do with them.



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