By Chanice Jennike

A four-year-old girl is in a critical condition after she was attacked by a lioness in Heilbron, Free State.
The incident occurred at the Weltevrede Lion Farm on Sunday.
The family was on their way home from a holiday when they decided to stop at a lion farm so that their daughter could meet a lion cub.
Netwerk24 reported that Dina-Marie de Beer was sitting in her father’s arms when the lioness, who is not fully “pounced through the fence”. The lioness got a hold of her father and started clawing at little Dina-Marie’s scalp.
She has been hospitalized following the attack.
Lion farm manager, Charlene van Wyk said that the attack was a “freak accident”. Van Wyk said that the family was warned not to get too close to the fence ahead of the incident.
People have been warned to not go to close to the fence when visiting lion parks. It is advised to look at the animals from the comfort of your vehicle.
“A lion is an opportunistic animal, and they will always go for the youngest,” Safari operator Adrian de Guisti said.

Source: SA Breaking News


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