Michigan state police found a six-month-old baby dying of thirst inside a motel room with her dead parents on Friday.
Jessica Bramer, 26, of Grand Rapids, and Christian Reed, 28, of Marne, had been dead for three days.
Their dehydrated daughter, Skylah, was found near their corpses at the Rodeway Inn in Whitehall, Michigan.

A state trooper, who was asked to do a wellness check on the family, discovered the child and her dead mom and dad around noon on Friday.
Drug paraphernalia also was found in the room.
An autopsy was performed on both parents on Saturday, but toxicology findings aren’t expected for at least 30 days, authorities said.
Inn staff members have declined to say whether anyone heard the baby crying or saw something suspicious, according to WKRG.

Baby Skylah was listed in critical condition at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday, but is expected to recover fully, according to Fox 6 Now.
Bramer and Reed had been in and out of jail, according to family members, who also said Skylah’s grandparents contacted Children’s Protective Services in January after they became concerned about their grandchild’s safety.
The local child protective services agency did not immediately respond to calls for comment on the incident.



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