About us

What is Taxi Times?

Taxi Times started off in April 2017.  We collaborate with Taxi Choice to become the Newspaper / Publication of choice at the Taxi’s and Taxi Ranks under their auspices.
Taxi Times boast a very active Facebook page with almost 70 000 page likes, people reach of almost 1 300 000 and post engagement of almost 450 000.  Our Newspaper is in high demand at the ranks by commuters and drivers.
We aim to print 500 000 copies per month.  Taxi Times is published by the Tame Group.

A little more about Taxi Times

  • A Niche Newspaper
  • Funnel delivered through the Taxi Ranks (e.g. Evening Standard London)
  • 250 000 Print Run fortnightly (mid-month and month-end)
  • Flexible Split runs as per advertisers needs(minimum 5 000)
  • Flexible insertions numbers (and plate changes)
  • Flexible distribution points (see attach current and possible distribution hubs)

About Our Process

Taxi Times as a Publication offers:

ROP- Run of print
Wraps (Full, Half, Belly)
Insertions or Live print
Piggy Back
Active social media pages
Taxi Rank knock and drop

Taxi Times has exclusive rights at
900 Taxi Choice Ranks for

Naming Rights
CSI Projects
School Learner Projects / Activations through School Taxi Transport
Knock and drops