By Chanice Jennike

A man accused of killing six-year-old Stacey Adams has been sentenced to life behind bars.
Christopher Brown appeared in the Western Cape High Court.
Stacey Adams was reported missing by her grandmother on Sunday after she failed to arrive at her mother’s house. Her naked body was found hours after she was reported missing on Sunday afternoon.
Brown was in a relationship with Stacey’s mother, Sasha at the time of the murder. Sasha and Brown lived in a Wendy house across the road from where Stacey lived with her grandmother.
Brown admitted to raping and sodomizing the six-year-old. He then chocked her before striking her with a pan twice over the head.
He then buried her tiny body in his back yard.
Brown also confessed to killing his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Thulisa Lavisa in 2015. The two had been living together but Thulisa moved out after Brown assaulted her. When Thulisa returned to fetch her clothing, Brown assaulted her and strangled her to death and hid her body under his bed.
He was arrested but was released two days later after the case was withdrawn.
Brown was handed two life sentences for Stacey Lee’s rape and another for her murder.
A fourth was handed down for the murder of Lavisa, six months for assaulting her.
He also received three months for assaulting his brother when he had tried to enter the wendy house on the day he murdered Stacey Lee.

Source: SA Breaking News


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