Four years after 6-year old Michael Komape fell into a pit toilet at his school in Limpopo, there has been yet another such death.
The Department of Education in the Eastern Cape says it is providing counselling to learners after a 5-year-old girl was found dead in a pit toilet, at a primary school in the province.
It’s been confirmed the pupil is Viwe Jali, who went missing on Tuesday before her body was found the following day.
A team of investigators has been deployed to the school to probe the incident.
Stephen Grootes spoke to the department’s spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga.
It seems she fell into the toilet and nobody knew where the child was until the community got together and started looking. We got the news only last night and it is something that seems to have happened on Tuesday.
— Elijah Mhlanga, EC Education Department spokesperson
Mhlanga says while progress has been made to replace school infrastructure in the province, challenges remain.
Just from the only initiative that he minister is running herself, from the national department side, we have built 192 schools and 141 of those schools are here in the Eastern Cape which means we have replaced mud structures and inappropriate buildings with proper facilities. Some of them are specifically designed for grade R learners with all the safety measures having been taken into account.
— Elijah Mhlanga, EC Education Department spokesperson


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