Monet Van Deventer’s story has gone viral and she chats to Kieno Kammies about how she was inspired to create a crowdfunding campaign to help the kind petrol attendant Nkosikho Mbele who saved her from running out of fuel.
She says she was on her way to work on Thursday morning on the N2 in Cape Town, needed petrol and pulled in to the nearest filling station.
As soon as I stopped I realised I had forgotten my card at home.
— Monet Van Deventer
She searched for a few minutes before giving up.
But since my petrol light was on, he was extremely worried, and he said ‘Ma’am you can’t run out of petrol on the N2. I will just throw in R100 and then you can bring the money.
— Monet Van Deventer
He paid for her petrol and she left.
After I left, I realised how amazing it was, because he didn’t even ask for my name or number. He was just doing it out of kindness.
— Monet Van Deventer
She decided to share her story on social media wanting to draw attention to something positive.
I wanted to share it with my friends on Facebook, and I never thought it would go viral.
She returned to the petrol station with the money for Nkosikho Mbele.
He was so surprised to have me back. He thought I would only be back later in the week.
I asked him why he was so kind to me, a complete stranger, and he said ‘Ma’am I am a believer.’ And I think that is the message of the story. He said he does not want the story to be about him but about God.
Monet Van Deventer has so far raised R350 000 for Nkosikho Mbele through a BackaBuddy Campaign.


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