by Andile Sicetsha

EFF leader, Julius Malema, kicked things off at his address outside the Brooklyn police station, in Pretoria, with a fiery clap back at Pravin Gordhan’s charges laid against him and his party.
The Minister of Public Enterprises, on Monday, laid charges of defamation, crimen injuria and incitement to commit violence.
In response to this, Malema and his supporters assembled outside the police station, where the party had gone to lay counter charges against Gordhan.

In a statement the party issued on social media, the Red Berets outlined a list of charges they were prepared to submit against Gordhan.
“The case is about money laundering, corruption, racketeering, fraud, contravention of [the] Intelligence Act and, Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act & perjury,”
the statement read.
The party’s Twitter account shared videos and images of the EFF leaders making their way into the police station and filing their papers.

The party even went as far as sharing the case number that is registered under the docket file, which is 720/11/2018.

Julius Malema distances himself from Mandela, Zuma comparisons
Soon after proceedings concluded inside the Brooklyn police station, outside, Malema was met by a large crowd of his supporters, who were eagerly waiting to be addressed by their leader.
He wasted no time in lashing out his frustrations with a number of things. One of the matters he raised was his intentions to face those who apparently want him to change his ways.
In response to this, the EFF leader passionately stated that
“I am not Nelson Mandela, neither am I Jacob Zuma. You push me, I push back”.
He warned those who were ‘targeting’ him that he would not stop or mince his words because he’s not Mandela – whatever that implies.

He also made it clear that he was not fond of the comparisons that have been made between him and US president, Donald Trump.
If anything, Malema implied that Trump has taken to his style since he was this aggressive before Trump was inaugurated as president.


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