At a time where people are pressuring big brands to be more inclusive, Mattel – which has previously been heavily criticised for its limited offering – has decided to expand its popular doll range. Earlier this year, the brand launched its first-ever Barbie in a wheel-chair and with a prosthetic leg, and now designers have taken things a step further by creating a black Barbie with natural hair in a wheelchair, so that no girls or women feel excluded. Other past additions include a hijab-wearing Barbie, as well as a range of differently shaped dolls to reflect real body types (and move away from the brand’s original Barbie who sports an impossibly thin waist and humongous breasts).

The new product has just been released in the US and people are raving about it on Twitter. ‘She’s black, she’s using an awesome wheelchair, and the hair is on point,’ one person wrote. ‘Welcome to this new Barbie, who will represent so many beautiful girls! This is amazing.’



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