A time of year we all love and dread, depending on your relationship status you are either plagued with the pressure to find yourself a Valentine, or to find the perfect gift.

While finding a date may be more challenging, finding the perfect gift on your budget is in fact a possibility.

Jewelry like bracelets, watches and rings are great gifts that almost every woman would love to have more of. When selecting gifts like jewelry it is important to consider her personal style and taste in jewelry, such as: colour pallet, thin and dainty or chunky, simplistic designs or over the top. Look at the jewelry she already wears to give you a good idea of the direction you are meant to go in.

Perfume is another item that everyone is fond of, but it is also an item that needs to be carefully considered as everyone has differing tastes in what they would like to smell like. To determine what your special lady likes take out your investigator hat and look at the fragrances she already owns, smell them and see if they are more floral, musky, sweet etc. If you are still in doubt then snap a few pics and head down to a perfume store and ask one of the sales assistants for some guidance.

Weekend gateway will always win you points with your significant other. Now even though Valentines Day is around the corner, you could also look into a weekend away for the near future.

Do something a little different and hire a Beauty Therapist to come over and pamper you both before heading out to a romantic dinner.

It’s always important to remember that each person is individual with their own interests and love languages so always keep in mind what would be meaningful to them. Should they enjoy these V-Day favorites then think about personalizing it to make it that little bit more special.


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