SOUTH Africa’s newly appointed president, Cyril Ramaphosa, said his State of the Nation Address (SONA), scheduled for 7pm on February 16, would outline how he planned to deal with corruption, especially in state-owned enterprises.
Ramaphosa said this during his first address to Parliament on February 15, according to an article by the Mail & Guardian. He replaced Jacob Zuma who resigned as South African president in the final hours of February 13 amid huge pressure from within his own African National Congress.
“State capture and issues of state-owned enterprises are issues that are on our radar screen,” said Ramaphosa. “Those are issues we will be addressing and I will outline how we plan to address that in tomorrow’s state of the nation.” He also offered an olive branch to rival political parties.

“One of the things I will be seeking to do is to seek to work with all political parties, to meet with the leaders of all parties, so that we can try to find a way to work together. It would be wonderful if the level of debate in this house can be raised to a level where we discuss issues of national interest without screaming at each other,” he said.


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