By Mel Frykberg

A 46-year-old Ugandan man is fighting for his life following an incident in which his drunk wife cut off his penis after he allegedly denied her sex because of her alcoholic and abusive behaviour.
Moses Okot, from Amun Village in Apac district in the north of Uganda, said he had fallen asleep after returning home from hunting when a sudden pain woke him up. After waking up he found his pants wet with blood and his penis cut off, the Daily Monitor reported on Thursday.

He was subsequently taken to the police where he laid a charge against his abusive spouse before being rushed to hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.
Oko complained that his wife, Beatrice Acen, 35, was always returning home drunk and demanding sex. But due to her aberrant behaviour, he decided to punish her by giving her the cold shoulder, a disciplinary measure that he uses regularly but apparently to no avail.
The couple has been married for 10 years and according to Anthony Ogwal, a village chairman, they have long been involved in domestic fights after Acen complained about her amorous overtures being rejected by her husband.

“It’s not the first time Acen has inflicted injuries on her husband. Last year, she broke this man’s collarbone during a domestic fight and then ran away. The case was settled in my office and they reunited,” said Ogwal.
Ogwal blames the rampant cases of domestic violence in his area on alcoholism, saying that women are abusing alcohol to the same degree as men.
The police are currently investigating a case of grievous bodily harm. However, they have been unable to arrest Acen as she is once again on the run.
African News Agency (ANA)


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