Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa – Please come to hospital

Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa

The Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa has urged citizens not to ignore serious health problems in fear of contracting the Coronavirus.  Although South Africans were cautioned about unnecessary trips to the emergency room at the beginning of the pandemic when hospitals and other facilities were in the preparation phase, the intention never was for people to stay at home while they urgently need medical care.  Since lockdown begun, hospital environments have been prepared and equipped to handle both Coronavirus cases, and unrelated cases.  Special attention was given to ensuring that hospitals are safe for individuals with an increased risk of infection with the Covid-19 virus.  As long as the correct procedures, stringent personal hygiene, and all sanitation protocols are strictly followed, patients will be in no more danger than when they go to a supermarket. 

Another possible deterrent for patients is the PPE’s (Personal Protective Gear) worn by all staff at a medical facility.  It is imperative to realise that this is first and foremost for the protection of the patients.  You are required to wear a mask when you leave your home, and you will be required to wear a mask if you go to a hospital.  You will be required to disinfect your hands when you enter the facility, which is not something new.  Evidence from around the world have shown that people stay at home when they should be going to the emergency room.  This is very dangerous and possibly fatal, as the help required can only be administered by medical professionals,  Ignoring severe pain or other unusual symptoms that would normally have prompted a visit to the nearest emergency room, will make you sicker. 

If you or somebody in your family are suffering chest pain, any signs of a stroke, severe or unusual pain, problems with diabetes or any other medical condition that you are concerned about, you must go to the nearest emergency room and allow medical professionals to help you.  Your risk of contracting the virus at a hospital emergency room is extremely low, whereas the risk of serious complications by ignoring symptoms is very high. 

The EMSSA is pleading with South Africans to take care of their health.

“Come into hospital if you need to and we will take care of you and your family.”


Are you having a MEDICAL EMERGENCY?

Go to the Emergency Department!

If you think that you are having a heart attack, a stroke, complications related to diabetes, your child is ill or any other medical problem…


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