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Indulging in fish can boost immune system

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Lockdown lunch for Ndabeni-Abrahams, Manana

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South Africans putting citizens lives at risk amid

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Residents in Sakhile informal Settlement in Katlehong, east of Johannesburg have raised their concerns regarding the theft of tombstones at a cemetery near Buyafuthi hostel, just a few metres from their area. Community Leader, Thabo Dikotle told Taxi Times that Tombstones were being removed by criminals who traded them in for cash. ‘’There are criminals …

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A viral video of a pastor bathing in church and serving his church members his bath water to drink has sparked up mixed reactions on social media. The Ghanaian pastor was spotted in his boxers taking a dip in a barrel filled with water in the church. However shortly after speaking to his church members, …

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A Kenyan Pastor stabbed himself and his wife in church after they separated over a quarrel as to who should be in charge of their church. Kenyan preacher committed the sacrilegious act of stabbing his estranged wife and killed himself at the pulpit on Sunday in a church they co-founded in the coastal city of …