COVID-19 Revives nurse’s passion for healing

Mbewe, a nurse at Rob Ferreira Hospital in Mpumalanga, says that Covid-19 has revived her passion for the profession.  She has always wanted to be a nurse and has never regretted her decision to follow her dream.

In an interview with Sowetan, she said that caring for the sick has been challenging as she takes of patients both at work and back home.

“I started working as a pharmacist assistant at Matikwane Hospital in Mkhuhlu, though I always loved nursing. I was burning inside when I saw nurses taking care of patients wanting to do that very same job. I was trained as a nursing assistant and later joined [a local private clinic],” she said.

“While there, I enrolled as a staff nurse and later went to Themba Hospital [at Kabokweni] where I became a professional nurse.

“At Themba Hospital, I really saw my passion bearing fruit where I would take maybe two days of leave and use one day to go care for my discharged patients at their homes, especially the elders.

“I would also go to schools to see the progress of my [little] patients with certain conditions [like epilepsy]. I also needed to know if their teachers and peers treated them well.”

She has won numerous awards, which she insists is mainly due to support of her community.  Amongst others, she won the prestigious Cecilia Makiwane Award.

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