DStv Now and Showmax Accounts not Safe from Hackers

Once users have shared their login details for DStv Now and Showmax it is impossible to remove or force unauthorised devices off of the account.  Even resetting a compromised password will not resolve the problem. 

One DStv customer said an unauthorised user managed to hack into his account.  The man shared his login details with one close family friend who was the only person outside his household who had access to the account.  The customer only realised something was wrong when he received an email notifying him of a movie rented through DStv Box Office-which was charged to his account. 

He confirmed with everyone, including his friend, who had access to the account but nobody had rented a movie.  When opening the DStv Now app on his cellphone, he noticed several unknown and unauthorised devices had been added to his account and his own smartphone had been removed. He immediately removed all the devices and re-added his own phone, but the following day another unknown device had already been added.  He then removed the device and changed the account password in an effort to cut off the unauthorised user.  He was unsuccessful however and when he opened the account again, his main profile had been amended to show the below message (strong language censored).

He then contacted DStv of assistance to block the cyber criminal.  The consultant told him that as long as the unauthorised user remained logged into the account, they would not be able to remove the hacker. In the end the man had his entire profile removed by DStv and opened a “new” account. 


Multichoice’s very popular streaming service, Showmax, has the same problems.  DStv said they were investigating cases but had not seen any evidence of system issues. 

No option to force a user out.

“This is one of the reasons that we caution people against sharing login details – even if it’s done with good intentions for a single event. Once those details are out of one’s personal control there’s no way to guarantee their security or stop them being shared more widely,” MultiChoice said. If users see unusual activity on their accounts and/or unexpected devices registered to their account, in the first instance we suggest changing the password, and obviously not sharing this information. If a subscriber is still experiencing issues they should contact our customer care team.”

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