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‘’She is one of many families who come here and find that tombstones are missing,’

IMG 20180508 120835
IMG 20180508 120835

Residents in Sakhile informal Settlement in Katlehong, east of Johannesburg have raised their concerns regarding the theft of tombstones at a cemetery near Buyafuthi hostel, just a few metres from their area.
Community Leader, Thabo Dikotle told Taxi Times that Tombstones were being removed by criminals who traded them in for cash.
‘’There are criminals who come here and rob the dead of their homes,’’ he said.
‘’In 2016, one women came to visit a deceased family member just two months after she laid a R17 000 tombstone and found that it was no longer there. The pain that she felt after discovering that the stone was missing is not something I would wish for anyone to go through.’’
‘’She is one of many families who come here and find that tombstones are missing,’’ Dikotle said.
The senior citizen also said he believes that the same people who install these tombstones are the same people who return and remove them.
‘’I do not think a sane person can come here and steal stones, I believe that some burial companies are responsible for the removal of these stones.’’
During Taxi Times’ observation at the cemetery, one woman among a family that was visiting the gravesite said ‘’ this place is abandoned by the municipality. It is a forgotten gravesite because it is not maintained. Tombstones are falling off and this is one of the reasons why criminals come and do whatever they want here. The place has no dignity.’’
Meanwhile, community members in Sakhile are calling for the Ekurhuleni Municipality to place security guards and repair the damaged wall fence around the cemetery in order to prevent this from happening in the future.
Dikotle says the municipality has to act fast because other families believe that his fellow community members are the ones responsible for these stone thefts because they are allegedly poverty stricken. An accusation made based on their economic standard.
Dikotle says they have raised these concerns in 2016 but the Ekurhuleni municipality has not yet done anything to solve this problem, however he hopes that change will eventually take place in the course of time provided that the municipality diverts from maladministration.

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