Mixed reaction to opening of Satanic Church in South Africa

In an effort to educate the public on an alternative church, co-founder of the Satanic Church Riaan Swiegelaar says the church, which does not believe in Satan, intends to do provide a different way of doing things as opposed to today’s normalised churches.

He said he wanted to educate the public on what an above-board religious Satanist was.

“We review Satan as an archetype, that represents our potential that we can reach as human beings.”


The church’s main focus is to educate the public while practising various rituals which are designed for self-empowerment.

In an interview with Cape Talk’s Lester Kiewit, Sweigelaar said that he used to be a pastor in a Christian church. However, “When I read the Satanic Bible, I recognised myself… coming from the point of questioning things, never feeling you belong in a religion that revere external deities…”

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