Mother of two receives lawyers letter from kids’ attorney

After more than 40 days of lockdown, both parents and children are becoming truly restless and sometimes irritable.  It’s not easy to be stuck indoors.  Even the children, for who much of the lockdown has been an extended holiday, is getting fed-up.

Parents took to social media to vent and share their frustrations as the equally frustrated children clean rooms, kitchens, vacuum, dust and many other household chores. Parents working from home have especially had a tough time trying to keep the kids occupied while having to work.

And then there’s school work – for many a complete and traumatic nightmare.  It is great to find a lighthearted post in a time that is difficult for everybody.

Bulelwa Mabasa, a mother of two girls,  took to Twitter on Thursday with her story.  She received a very professional and authentic “cease and desist” letter from her two children, who were tired of being disciplined and forced to do household chores.

The letter, from “Aunt Duty Attorneys,”  spelled out the grievances in no uncertain terms:

  • Invasion of privacy by posting social media content without verbal or written permission;
  • Threatening eviction during a national lockdown as declared in the Disaster Management Act; and
  • Acts of unequal and unfair treatment towards girl children.

Aunty Duty Attorneys issued a “strong warning” to the mom.

“Your actions are unwanted, unwelcome and have become unbearable to my clients. As a result of your behaviour, my clients have suffered” in the following manner:

  • Physical harm and injury;
  • Substantial harm to their personalities;
  • Substantial damage to their self-esteem;
  • Emotional distress and reputational damage.

“I demand that you cease from these activities immediately, failing which legal action against you will be taken. We will further seek all available damages and remedies, including, but not limited to adoption,” the letter read.

Mabasa, in good spirits, responded on Twitter: “Wait till I tell them I’ve sold everything and they have to find a lawyer so I can afford to defend this case,” she said.

The media will hopefully be kept updated on the progress of the case.

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