Nosipho living ubuntu, feeding the children

Nosipho Klass from Khayelitsha in Cape Town is truly living ubuntu.  The 41-year-old turned her Little Leaders Day Care Centre into a soup kitchen when lockdown regulations forced her to close the centre.  “I couldn’t sit back and do nothing while kids go to bed on empty stomachs.  I decided to use the money I put aside for renovations to buy something for the children,” Nosipho said.  Currently, she is feeding 40 children with her soup kitchen.  “I was doing this for kids but as time went by, older people also came and asked for food. I couldn’t  turn them away because I know they are hungry.”  She has asked for donations to assist her with her program. “I am grateful to everyone who donated because without their help, I was not going to get this far.”  While making food for the kids, she got food parcels for 50 struggling families. “Lockdown has put everyone in a tight position.  Some were depending on piece jobs but can’t do that anymore.”  One of the parents from the Day Care Centre said they were very lucky to have people like Nosipho in the community.  “Some of us were doing people’s laundry to survive, but we can’t do that anymore because of lockdown.  Nosipho started by assisting our kids, but we also need to eat. Luckily, she allowed us to get food after she finished dishing for the kids.”  A resident from there area said he was touched by Nosipho’s contributions.  “I decided to assist her because she’s doing a good thing.  We need people like her who are willing to go an extra mile.”

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