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Well done Mr President on the R500-billion economic and social relief package. Government must now ensure that those who need help get it fast. The promised 250 000 food hampers need to get to the hungry urgently. Let the red tape and corrupt officials not derail the process.

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A total of 1585 Covid-19 infections have been recorded in South Africa as of Saturday. Health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize released the latest figures on Saturday night. This is an increase of 80 from the previously reported figured. Gauteng continues to lead with 693 cases followed by the Western Cape with 433. KwaZulu-Natal has recorded …

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Gauteng Health MEC Dr Bandile Masuku says there are about 15 million people in GP. And it’s projected that 12 million people maybe infected and 1.5 million maybe gravely ill. Let me not talk about insufficient beds. So honestly it can’t be business as usual 

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South Africans were shocked when a note was left by criminals. The message that was left by the criminals after breaking in Evaton/Sebokeng Education Offices #WeTookEverything was by the criminals at Sebokeng Education offices.