Update on level of compliance – Bheki Cele

Bheki Cele, Minister of Police

Bheki Cele, the minister of Police, addressed the media today at 14:00 to update South Africa on the level of compliance with lockdown regulations in South Africa. Cele said that the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng had the highest number of arrests for people in contravention of lockdown regulations. Cele, along with the deputy minister of police, and the National Police Commissioner also visited all the provinces, some more than once to determine if regulations were being observed. A total of 107,000 cases were recorded at the end of April, and nearly doubled towards the end of my, at 200,000. Cele maintained that the crime rate in South Africa have gone down considerably. He said the there has been 4,431 fewer cases of rape recorded in March, 1,439 fewer cases of attempted murder, in comparison to the same time periods last year. He applauded police for arresting 4 suspects that have been inked to 18 hijackings and also for two major drug busts in the last week where a total of R34,000,000’s worth of drugs were confiscated. The drug busts happened in the Eastern and Western Cape.

There has been an increase of gender based violence distress calls coming through the to the command centre. Cele paid respects to the security forces in South Africa fighting tirelessly to maintain law and order. Over 600 members of the police force have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the Western Cape has the highest number of positive cases amongst officers. Six officers died in the Western Cape due to the virus, and 3,000 have been quarantined. 121 Police stations had to close for disinfecting and in the Western Cape, 19 stations had to be decontaminated twice or more. He reminded the public that lockdown was intended to protect citizens and that the number of roadblocks would start reducing as restrictions are lifted.

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