Withdraw your Impuphu at the ATM

Engineers of the NWU Potchefstroom campus, have found a way to serve the community in North West.  They call it a “PapAtM”.  The first model of this ATM was installed at the Banna Ba Kae community center in Mogotsi street in Ikageng.

Maize meal ATM built inside a shipping container being filled with maize meal
The brand new PapAtm being filled with mieliepap in Potchefstroom

The PapATM designed by NWU engineers and CFAM Technologies

The local Business chamber and CFAM technologies identified a desperate need for food in poor communities and began working on the project to help curb famine in their community.  Many South Africans have been facing famine since losing their income due to the pandemic and the consequent lockdown.

The Potchefstroom/Tlokwe business chamber and CFAM Technologies began handing out meals to the needy, and have already delivered nearly 1-million of these meals.  There was however a problem with the Maize pap.  Handing out hundreds of 5kg maize meal bags became a logistical nightmare.  As people started returning to work the number of volunteers diminished quickly which further complicated the initiative.

Project managers LJ Grobler and Danie Vorster with the help of engineers designed and built the ATM in only two weeks.  The ATM cuts out the need for many volunteers and ensures that every person can get their pap at the right time.

The PapATM is built inside a shipping container that is placed in a safe and central position.  Once a week the container is filled with maize meal and each recipient receives and electronic coupon with a unique pin-number on his/her cellphone.  This pin-number most be entered on the keypad at the ATM and the pap is deposited in each person’s own container.

To prevent crowding and too much traffic at the ATM engineers designed the program in such a way that each person is allotted a specific time to collect their pap.

Constance Kenekene was the first resident to receive her maize meal from this ingenious device.

Woman filling a bag with maize meal using the new papATM
Constance Kenekene, the first person to use the papATM

Constance Kenekene smiling under the mask


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